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Powder Coating of Metal

Feroplast Company has years of experience in surface protection of metal by the plastic in powder - electrostatic coating of metal and it is one of the major activities that we perform from the beginning of our work. The main reason why we started to deal with plastic-coating of metal is its protection from weather conditions.

The process of plastic coating

The process begins with the metal preparation (degreasing), application of plastic powder by electrostatic or tribo system, polymerisation (burning at 180-200 C) to packaging of wrought goods.

This method of protection against corrosion and harmful external weather conditions was recognized by the customers as a high quality metal protection and therefore we process:
- Sheet-metal goods for buildings
- Fences
- Metal accessories and furniture
- Closets

Ways of plastic-coating

According to customers' wish, the plastic-coating is done in:
- Bright - smooth
- Half - matt
- Matt
- Fine structure
- Rough structure

The colour is chosen in consultation with the customer.

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