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Welcome to the website of Feroplast Company

The independent craft shop Feroplast was founded in 2002 and it is located in a free zone Herzegovina in Mostar.
The main activity is the production of metal furniture, equipment for shops, retail and exhibition racks, parking barriers, products made of wire (racks for postcards, buckets, etc.), school furniture and various metal products.
Also, we perform the plastic-coating of metal.

The products are made from high-quality steel tubes in combination with other materials (wood, plexi, leather, etc.).
The surface protection is performed with the plastic - coating in paint colors according to customer's desires.

All products in our product program meet the high standards of the EU in terms of production processes and environmental protection.
In the production process we have machines for bending of tubes, folding and cutting of sheet metal, plasma cutting machines, presses and lines for plastic-coating.

The company strives for constant improvement and modernization of production using new technologies and new materials.